“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” (Quote from Marilyn Monroe)

All of us have something (or someone) to smile about. Iba-iba nga lang. Pero minsan may kapareho din. Well, these are some things that makes me smile:

  1. Reminiscing my childhood memories.
  2. Looking at the bright blue sky.
  3. Looking at a rainbow.
  4. Reading young adult book.
  5. Hearing my favorite song.
  6. Yummy food.
  7. Looking at Sunrise and Sunset.
  8. Looking at full moon / moonlight.
  9. A hug from special someone/family member/relative or friend.
  10. Smelling or buying my favorite flower.
  11. Looking at or walking around a beautiful garden.
  12. Helping someone.
  13. Watching feel-good movie.
  14. Receiving happy mail.
  15. Playing with my pet (dog).
  16. Treat from someone.
  17. Riding a swing.
  18. Eating my favorite flavor of ice cream.
  19. Watching children play or playing with children.
  20. Finding money in my pocket or bag that I forgot about.
  21. Smile from a stranger.
  22. Mall sale.
  23. Summer. Warm season.
  24. A surprise gift.
  25. Getting a compliment.
  26. Long conversation with a friend.
  27. Walking around the park or village.
  28. Walking on the beach. Crashing waves and sea breeze.
  29. Vacation. Out of town trips.
  30. A stroll in the mall.

And there so much more. Nakalimutan ko lang. 🙂 😉

How about you? What makes you smile? What makes you happy?


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